Oakley Prizm

The Oakley Prizm is a revolutionary lens technology grounded in decades of research to engineer fine-tuned vision and optimise contrast. This lens was developed from the understanding of the human eye and how the brain functions in conjunction with the eye to create the perception of colour. These lenses are available with a prescription to give athletes and consumers a true Oakley authentic advantage.

The perception of colour

Through an understanding of the complex way the eye interprets colour, Oakley engineered lenses that fine-tune the specific wavelengths of light. This innovative lens allows the eye to perceive colour more vividly.

Purpose Tuned Colour

Oakley analyses each environment to determine which colours are important to see. Based on the visual demands as well as the mechanism of the human eye. Once analysed, Oakley adjusts the colour filtering to enhance the visual experience through the specific Prizm lens.

Prizm Sport

The Prizm lens is then adapted for a sports lens, delivering next-level performance on the road, field, course, trail or water. Prizm sports lenses are engineered to enhance detail in precise ways for each sporting environment to help ensure no detail goes unnoticed.