Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Born out of necessity in 1937, Ray-Ban has been at the leading edge of developing high quality sunglasses to protect pilots from the sun’s harsh rays. Since then, Ray-Ban has been the eyewear of choice for visionaries and cultural creators everywhere to express their fearless and most authentic selves.
      203 products

      203 products

      Ray Ban Sunglasses

      There’s nothing that quite makes the same style statement as a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Universally beloved and as popular as ever, Ray Ban frames are a staple in many people’s eyewear collections. Whether you’re Aviator, Clubwear, or Wayfarer fan, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to Ray Bans.

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      Ray Ban glasses are synonymous with timeless design, and are the go-to frames for a whole lot of us. Find popular and classic Ray Ban sunglasses here, all of which are available with prescription lenses.

      The Ray Ban collection

      Ray Ban are renowned for their sunglasses, originally designed for US pilots. With a heritage built on technology and innovation, Ray Ban have continued to develop their signature styles with modern engineering developments, whilst remaining committed to their original concept and vision.

      Ray Ban Aviator

      Perhaps one of the most iconic sunglasses styles of all time, Ray Ban Aviators are an instant classic. Developed to protect US pilots from the glare of the sun, this design features wide lenses and the instantly-recognisable brow bar. Spotted on many of Hollywood’s elite, Aviators are both vintage and modern in their aesthetic - It’s no surprise why they’re so popular!

      Ray Ban Wayfarer

      Gaining popularity in the ‘80s, Ray Ban’s Wayfarer style has a classic silhouette that makes them truly timeless. Flattering and undeniably cool, Wayfarers are easy-to-wear and complement a wide range of personal styles and moods.

      Ray Ban Clubmaster

      Completing the trinity of classic Ray Ban designs is the Clubmaster. Inspired by the ‘50s, this style is refined with a playful touch. Available in a wide range of colours, give a little retro-flair to your look with a pair of Clubmasters.

      Why Ray Ban?

      Ray Ban continues to lead the way in timeless-meet-modern eyewear that never fails to deliver. Renowned for their high quality and industry-changing designs, they’re a must for sunglasses lovers. Got little ones? Check out our junior Ray Ban edit for sunglasses - including prescription lenses too!